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Journal Entry 2 - Carl and Billy by Kirsten Lieshout

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Journal Entry 2 by Kirsten


The water tumultuously threatens to overpower my foregoing limbs as I wade towards the centre of the river. However, I am too sturdy for the swift current, and easily carve a path, ribbons of water spiral as I rush past. My intrusive steps unnerve smooth pebbles precariously lying across the riverbed, as they glisten under the marble surface. In my wake, a cloud of dirt and sand lingers and angrily swirls from my disturbance. The fish glint and dart rapidly in the shallows ahead, unaware of my presence. Heavy footsteps rip reeds from their homes as they wrap themselves around my boots. With ease, I drop in my line, and it flies across the waters edge with a masterly flick. I draw closer to where the fish reside. I take little notice of my surroundings, pure focus on the rightful prizes I will claim from the river depths on Webmail.  



In awe, I gaze towards the rapidly running streams of river, the soft light reflecting shards of sunlight from the surface. Slipping slightly on the wet rocks, I enter the water, and feel its chill create a fresh ache on my bones. The refreshing calm of the waters subtly threatens to engulf me, sweeping my feet from under my body. A fish skitters past, brushing my leg as it does so, causing me to cry in surprise. Looking up, I see the large silhouettes of powerlines cutting through the trees. Their expansiveness makes me think about my tiny existence within this vast landscape. Thinking about this reminds me of the travels which Alyssa and I have gone on, and the ranging landscapes I have experienced. A loud splash signifying Carl’s entrance to the river snaps me back to reality, and I begin to bait up my hook just as the other men do.


Contrast explanation

In Jindabyne, Carl appears to have a power or dominance over the landscape of the river. He attempts to control the landscape through fishing, and is almost demanding of what the river can provide to him- he doesn’t truly connect to the landscape (shown through being a disturbance upon rivers natural state). Carl is also rather unobservant and unconcerned about his surroundings, whereas Billy takes in much of what he sees. For his first time entering this different landscape, Billy stares in awe at the large pylons/powerlines which tower over the landscape. The powerlines represent the intrusiveness of human impact on the environment/landscape, and mirrors the impact or intrusiveness which the four men are about to have upon the landscape- in the ways they disturb it. The contrast between the two characters identifies the difference in the ways Carl and Billy view and respect this landscape, Carl, having returned many times has a lowered appreciation and respect, whereas Billy is deeply intrigued and impressed.



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