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Journal Entry 2 - Tom and Clare by Leo

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Journal Entry #2

Your task is to:

Choose two of the characters in Jindabyne and describe either the lake or the river from each character’s perspective (approx. 150 words for each character). Then, write a brief explanation of the reasons for their differences and how you have conveyed these differences for the reader. 

Tom + Clare:


Clare: Come swim in the lake!


Tom: I can't! It's too big and too deep, I'll drown.


Clare: You won't drown, I'll be holding you.


Tom: But Caylin-Calandria said there were zombies under the water, what if one of them tries to get me?!


Clare: Then I'll fight it off and we'll run away home or hide somewhere far away where they won't be able to find us.


Tom: But what if you can't beat it, you won't know it's there until it's too late and then it might try and eat you...


Clare: Come on, stop this silly talk of zombies, Caylin-Calandria's just been filling your head with horror stories, there's nothing to be frightened of in this lake. See over there? That bouy marks the very center of the lake. Soon, you'll be able to swin out there, all by yourself even. (Starting almost to daydream) I like to swim out and touch the bouy, and then I just float there, listening to the sounds of nature how they don't tell you what to do or ask anything at all of you.  I can escape all of my problems in the middle of this lake, (coming back to reality) except for you! (Tickling Tom) I could never escape you, and I never want to. Now lets go in the water...


Tom: But we still don't know if we're going to get eaten by zombies or not.


Clare: We're not going to be eaten, do you know how I know?


Tom: No.


Clare: Because I know there aren't any zombies in this lake, or any lake. Because zombies can't swim so they stay away from water because otherwise they would only get the humans that sank to the bottom, like they do, which is why you're going to learn to swim.


Tom: I don't want to be like the old people that lived in the town down there.



I chose to describe Jindabyne Lake from the perspectives of Tom and Clare. In this discussion between the two characters each character projects their view of the lake into the description of it. Tom's initial reaction to the lake is that it is deep and therefore could be holding terrifying horrors, this concern is apparent throughout the conversation as Tom talks only about the zombies and how they are hidden. This mirrors Tom's internal fear of the unknown, but his worry about his mother being eaten also portrays his feelings and how he couldn't bear to lose his mother (again). Clare's views however are much more peacful, she sees the lake as a place where she can go to escape her everyday life and worries. But her reassurance to Tom that she would never escape him can be understood as her telling her self that she'll never run quite so far away again, not as far away as leaving her son, who means so much to her that she has changed how she reacts to the landscape, adding on the new information about not escaping him after her main thoughts, this is her actions being actively affected by her landscape.

Jindabyne: Journal Entry 2

Context: The Imaginative Landscape

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