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SAC Topic 1 (AMFAS)

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1. How does the alternate ending shift the meaning of the play?


·         It is different to the other ending. Of you didn’t already know.

·         The headsman’s (common man) talks to the audience give us a sense that bolt also tries to give the option that being common and normal is also the best way to do things.

·         “Are you breathing too? It’s nice isn’t it”

·         When the headsman says ‘behold-the head- of a traitor’  it ends the play on the note that he was not a real traitor, a good person was killed.

  • The first ending presents that the people who survive are those who know how to behave in a politically expediment manner. Whereas the second ending suggests that to continue "breathing" one must act in a politically correct manner and only "make the sort of trouble that's expected"
  • The second ending shows Common Man's previous actions (declaring More guilty, acting as the executioner and accepting bribes for "common knowledge") simply stemming from a desire to live
  • Characters such as Chapuys and Cromwell are demonstrated to be fickle, through the way that they "link arms".
  • Bolt also expresses the opinion that it is the people like Cromwell who enjoy longevity through the way the lighting is used (thinking in comparison of More being isolated in a spotlight previously)
  • The alternate ending also presents the audience, who with their many flaws can relate more to the Common Man, and the everyday man as the people technically responsible for More's demise.

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