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SAC Topic 3 (AMFAS)

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‘Better a live rat than a dead lion’ Bolt argues that political expediency is necessary for survival.

  • ‘Better a live rat than a dead lion’- Said by the Common Man (p.75) This quote suggests that it is better to be a coward and alive, than being a hero and dead.

Expediency: convenience, pragmatism.

Necessary: vital, needed

Survival: continued existence, prolonged living (survival of morals!!!)

  • Political expediency: To give into convenience or expediency at the price of conscience, or doing the right thing, destroys the self. 




  • Political expediency can both prolong an individual’s life (Richard Rich), but can also not save even the most dedicated (Cromwell). The price Cromwell pays in order to ensure political expediency is to go against his conscience.

Rich: “became a…Baron and Lord Chancellor, and died in his bed” (p.75) Rich wasn’t money, prestige, people to know him, and will do anything for it.

Cromwell: “When the King wants something done, I do it” (p.21) “Found guilty of High treason and executed” (p.75)

Political expediency could ultimately undermine society.


  • Bolt demonstrates that at times loyalty is not enough to save an individual

More: “I am Your Grace’s loyal minister” (p.33), “it seems my loyalty is less so” (p.64), “wants Sir Thomas More…destroyed” (p.70)

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What is the correct definition for political expediency?

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